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Important factors for successful exhibition events


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  1. Bodecorvn

    Bodecorvn admin

    (Nhà tài trợ chính: Công ty cua tu dong hcm - https://baophuc.vn)
    Exhibition events give businesses the opportunity to meet customers and partners. This is an important marketing event for businesses. However, on a large scale, exhibition events need careful preparation to avoid risks. Here are some suggestions of event agency in Hochiminh Bo Decor Vietnam, invite you to consult.


    How important is the planning of exhibition events?
    Look at your budget versus your actual spending

    Review the financial records of your business from the previous year prior to the exhibition event. You will be able to outline your actual expenses for each event that you have organized for the year.

    Consider this spending against what you've outlined in your marketing budget so you can:

    Ensure accuracy of Return on Investment (ROI) for each event

    Review what you spent to pick out the inefficiencies

    See where you're spending your money and plan the best way to save money or add value to event marketing

    Determine whether this show event should appear in your schedule for next year

    Alternatively, you can determine if your future budget is accurate and sufficient.

    Create exhibition event schedules

    Make a list of events you plan to organize. Include information for each event such as:

    Event name, date, and location

    Dimensions and orientation

    Number of employees and organizers

    Budget for the event

    Event goals and targets

    Create a summary for the event

    The summary will include all of the information needed to make sure the event goals are met, including:

    The main message

    Promotions are used before the event, at the event, and after the program

    Key metrics of ROI or the success of an event

    Consideration of event spaces include:

    Meeting/reception space

    Integrated audio image

    Show products
    Where is your exhibition event location?
    Now you know what the exhibition you want to hold will look like and you have a clear summary of what you want to create for the booth.

    So it's time to make a reservation! If you want to be in a prime location with high traffic, you must register early, at least 6 months before the program starts!

    Determine the space that best suits your display needs and budget - This will determine the success of your show and have a huge impact on ROI.

    You should check the venue's schedule and visit another trade show to get a feel for the place. Explore the locations of featured exhibit spots and identify dead spots that customers don't pass through.

    Please contact Bo Decor Vietnam, we will help you have the best exhibition!

    Bo Decor Vietnam

    Address: 4th Floor, Center Tower 72 - 74 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 3, City. Ho Chi Minh.

    Phone: +84 28 666 07 555 - +84 903 350 232

    Nguồn: okmen.edu.vn

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