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Imperia Garden project

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Thảo luận trong 'Cho Thuê - Bán Nhà' bắt đầu bởi luucongkinh, 2/2/17.

  1. luucongkinh

    luucongkinh admin

    Imperia Garden project

    Imperia Garden is a luxury and self-contained urban area that is invested and developed by HBI Joint Stock Company with many prestigious partners.


    Imperia Garden will bring surprising innovation to the Hanoi apartment market when HBI Joint Stock Company first introduces the kind of "luxury affordable" apartments in resort style, but suitable for financial viability of many customers.[​IMG]

    Owner: HBI Joint Stock Companychung cư 423 Minh Khai

    Project name: Imperia Garden

    Address: 143 Nguyen Tuan Street & 203 Nguyen Huy Tuong Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi

    Types of development:

    - Luxury apartments

    - Semi-detached houses

    - The system of public schools meeting national standards

    - Amenities only for Imepria Garden residents

    Estimated time of completion: The second quarter of 2017

    Type of ownership: Permanent

    Scope of the project:

    - Total area: 42,257m2 of which:

    • Road area: 8,703m2
    • Construction area of high-rise housing: 8,779.2m2
    • Construction area of low-rise housing: 4,410m2
    • The area of technical infrastructure development, trees & school: nearly 10,000m2
    - The project includes: Tower A (29F & 35F) & Building B (2 27-storey buildings)

    - Apartment area: From 56 - 174m2

    - Types of apartments: 2 - 4 bedrooms

    - Lifts: 08 lifts/buildingchung cư 423 Minh Khai

    - Security systems: 3 layers


    - Location: Situated in Lot 2 at 143 Nguyen Tuan Street and 203 Nguyen Huy Tuong Street, Imperia Garden owns a prime location property of Thanh Xuan District with available infrastructure systems.

    - Convenient transportation:

    • Near schools: Hanoi Amsterdam High School, VNU University of Science, University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Vietnam National University Hanoi, etc.
    • Near national hospitals: National Hospital of Pediatrics; Endocrine Hospital, etc.
    • Near major commercial centers: Big C, The Garden, Parkson Keangnam, etc.
    • Nearly Cat Linh - Ha Dong elevated railway, Pham Hung - Noi Bai International Airport route & major routes to the center of Hanoi

    Designed by CPG (Singapore), PTW (Australia); NKB Archi (France), Imperia Garden is inspired by peaceful and romantic features in harmony with nature without losing the beauty of modern elegance

    Types of apartments:

    In order to meet the full demand of every customer, types of Imperia Garden apartments will include all kinds of areas from 56m2 - 174m2, 2 - 4 bedrooms to maximize the use of the whole apartment.

    Apartment design:

    Apartments at Imperia Garden are designed to optimize facilities while maximizing the harmony with nature.

    Each apartment has a lot of airy space and wide balcony. Directions and landscape are arranged to create a unique perspective for each space. Also, the design of Imperia Garden will have extraordinary combinations of romantic French style gardens, etc

    chung cư 423 Minh Khai


    External facility

    • Schools: Hanoi Amsterdam High School, VNU University of Science, University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Vietnam National University Hanoi, Ly Thai To Primary School, etc.
    • Hospitals: National Hospital of Pediatrics; Endocrine Hospital; General Clinic - L’Hôpital Français de Hanoi, Vinmec International Hospital, Hong Ngoc Hospital
    • Near major commercial centers: Big C, The Garden, Parkson Keangnam, Lotte Department Store, etc.
    • Near Cat Linh - Ha Dong elevated railway

    Internal facility

    With the desire of bringing a project to create a model for the real estate market in Hanoi, Imperia Garden offers a green living space with French gardens interspersed among green trees and grass in the bustling city.Chung cư Imperia Sky Garden

    In the project, residents can enjoy a self-contained and synchronous infrastructure and facility system including: wellness and beauty centers such as 4-season pool, outdoor swimming pool, gym, children's play area, the ayurvedic zone for the old, supermarket chains and convenience stores, intelligent underground parking lot, 3-layer security systems, etc. All create a perfect space for relaxing, and a high quality living environment for residents.

    Imperia Garden gives residents a new concept of the high-class living space in the capital!

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