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Culture of Vietnamese New Year's Day

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Thảo luận trong 'Rao vặt khác' bắt đầu bởi trunghoazd, 22/10/22.

  1. trunghoazd

    trunghoazd admin

    A year has countless occasions when people receive gifts, and also give gifts to others, from private occasions such as birthdays, weddings, graduations or public occasions like 8/3, 20/10, November 20, Christmas, New Year, Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival...

    Giving gifts on Tet holiday is a beautiful culture that is still handed down to this day. Types of gifts are often carefully selected, because they are not only gifts but also carry many messages of prosperity and good wishes for the recipient in the new year. Giving a new shirt or piece of cloth to an elderly person means sending a wish for a long life. The son-in-law visiting the wife's parents' house should give a rooster to show his prestige (the rooster always crows on time). It is best for business partners to give puppies, because they believe it will bring wealth with the bark "woof, woof" pronounced like the word "rich". In addition, depending on the region, people also give each other Dong Ho paintings, wine gourds or green watermelons with red skin, showing the sincerity of the giver.


    Giving gifts on New Year's Day in modern society has seen many changes in the selection of gifts, which are more diverse and trendy. The most popular are still pre-packaged gift baskets, beautifully boxed tea and cake boxes or expensive bottles of Western wine...

    WOODEN HANDBAG “Unique gift set for Mid-Autumn Festival and Lunar New Year with 3D floating box aka pop up box” =>

    And perhaps, the most "crowded" gift-giving occasion is the Lunar New Year, when the gift encapsulates not only the giver's affection but also his gratitude to the recipient. Of course, let's not think of negative gifts, like employees coming to the boss's house as a rule, coming to "roll attendance", coming to ask for a little favor for the next year.

    Mid-Autumn Festival, port day becomes a more important holiday for every Vietnamese. Children give gifts to grandparents and parents. Parents reward their children with delicious moon cakes. Businesses take this day to show gratitude to their customers. It is also an opportunity for the company to thank the contributions of all employees in the company.

    Think of civilized gifts, not mutual bribes, not equivocal loans, but true gifts in remembrance of the giver. One of those types of gifts is the gifts people send to their customers, who have with them an implicit commitment for a certain period of time, to work together towards common goals, benefits. general clarity.

    When it comes to gift giving, surely when the giver wants to put their feelings into the gift, they will always want it to be special. Some people think that the special is the usefulness of that gift, that is, they are so detailed that they clearly determine what the recipient likes, and I will try to find the gift I want. Some people think of the difference, with the most outstanding and unique packaging. Some people think about the meaning of the gift, and try every way to send each message into it, but sometimes the recipient can't figure it out.

    But no matter what the goal is for the gift, surely the gift giver must be enthusiastic and invested in thinking about the gift he will give, especially the gifts that are not just for one person. , but for the same group of people, such as a group of close VIP customers. And those gifts really contain the very telling story of today, the story of the gift conveying its cultural connotations.

    Perhaps, there have been many times when we have received New Year's gifts wrapped in green, red and red glossy paper without opening the gifts, we already know what their content is. It will definitely be a bottle of wine, a box of tea, a little candy, a little coffee, a little Tet jam. And there are many times when we don't bother to open the gift package, then we use it as a gift through our hands, giving it to someone else that we think they will need more. It is not because the gifts given are of little value; It's not that the gifts we give are unsightly, but that we treat them like that. Simply, those gifts create a condition for us that is superfluous, and when the excess is not put to use, it will be extremely wasteful. So I had to give it back to someone else, even though I remember the name of who gave it to me.

    So as a gift giver, do we want our gift and then pass it by like that? Certainly not. And we don't want our gift to end up leaving nothing in the recipient's heart, when we want to send a lot of love.


    As it turns out, giving gifts is an art that we have neglected for a long time, and then the gifts fly away but the goal is not much. And we forgot one very important thing. It is a gift that will probably be a "letter" containing your own messages, your business, and your brand. After all, a gift is no longer just a gift, but it can be a means to communicate for the product that you are exploiting it. Only, you've wasted that communication channel by "normalizing" your gifts.

    Of a copper, the work of a compression; of giving for nothing by giving. Therefore, in the UK, December 26, one day after Christmas, is the Gift-Giving Day that bosses give gifts as gratitude to their servants. After that day it became a tradition and when it became a tradition, it became a popular culture of the community. Then, in Vietnam, it is also time to give Tet gifts to become a beautiful cultural face in the way of sharing, behaving, expressing to each other, so that the gifts, in the true sense, will be the messengers of the people. give away affection, recognition, pride when being received, and create added values for the gift givers themselves.
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