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    1/1/90 (Tuổi: 34)
    Customize Shirts - Common Mistakes To Look Out For
    So you've opted to try to customize shirts from scratch. But what are the common mistakes to avoid at all costs when designing? Let's find out together!

    You might even get them as souvenirs for a yearly family trip, school reunions, or bachelor/bachelorette party attire. Indeed, when it comes to personalized t-shirt innovation, the sky's the limit!

    Design, on the other hand, is everything in terms of personalized t-shirts. That's correct! With customized t-shirts, design errors can cost you a lot of money. For example, if you're purchasing them in bulk for your employees to wear on informal Fridays and you mess up the look, it'll be awkward, and you'll lose face.

    When you customize shirts, there are a few blunders you should avoid!

    Common Mistakes
    It might be a major issue if you're ordering a large number of customized t-shirts. It will be necessary for you to print your t-shirts in various sizes. As a result, you must take special care to ensure that your design fits nicely on any t-shirt size.

    You must take into account not just the t-shirt size but also the print area. The print size determines the print area, so don't make it too big or too small. It will also have an impact on the art's positioning.

    Placement Of Designs
    What should you do with your custom design now that you've chosen it? Print position is often confused with locations. However, it is the precise measurement of where the artwork should be printed.

    The traditional placement for t shirt printing is just across the chest, making a huge impact. Putting your graphic too low on your shirts, such as around the belly button, is not at all appealing!

    Fonts And Typography
    As for custom t-shirts design, the typeface, and even more significantly, the location of the text, is crucial.

    The font, font size, letter capitalization, line spacing, letter spacing, and how the text is divided across your t-shirt sketch are all factors to consider.

    Here are some pointers to keep in mind when creating your shirt:

    • Consider the feelings that your font can evoke.

    • In your layout, never use more than three typefaces.

    • Make strategic use of lowercase, uppercase, or all caps.

    • Long phrases should be broken into multiple lines, with font, capitalization, and the size used judiciously.
    In t-shirt design, composition refers to how each component is organized concerning one another. Your shirt idea can be taken to the next level with an imaginative combination.

    We notice the most typical composition error when the pieces are too spread out, too crowded, or unbalanced on the layout. Another problem emerges when the text is read out of sequence.

    Take your time with each piece to ensure proper position, spacing, and arrangement for an absolutely fantastic sketch.

    Image Quality
    It is fairly simple to obtain photos from the internet and include them in your design. Still, there is a flaw. Have you double-checked the picture quality? The resolution of web photos is typically low. They appear wonderful on the computer, but they aren't print-ready.

    It is best to use images with a high resolution of roughly 300 pixels for professional-looking projects. Anything lower than that will result in blurry photos when putting on the t-shirts. The same is true with pictures. With designing clothes, graphics are key. Make certain you don't screw up.

    It is also necessary to 'beautify' the photographs in addition to employing high-quality images. Use appropriate frames or corners to give them a captivating appearance. Experiment with different alternatives, but make sure your photos or pictures add to the overall look of your t-shirts.

    Avoid putting too many colors on your personalized tee unless you're employing a rainbow image. It's exhausting to look at, and there's also the financial issue to keep in mind.

    The general principle of screen printing is that the more colors you utilize, the more pricey it gets. The standard is to utilize one to three colors. Colors are an important aspect of your production. If you make a mistake here, you will ruin your tee!

    Contrast is crucial to the aesthetic impact of any art. The visual variation between the lighter and darker sections of a picture is referred to as contrast in design. It's not necessarily about getting the most difference but rather about striking an aesthetically acceptable balance.

    You must consider the colors and the text, the dominating color, and other factors. If your t-shirt is brightly colored, the fonts should be in opposing colors to make it easier to see and attract the eye.

    In monochrome printing, inversion is quite typical. When printing white ink on black cloth, the inversion is also a factor to consider. If you don't pay attention to this, your artwork will resemble an X-ray.

    Use the white outline to turn a negative design into a positive one.

    You can only provide a limited amount of information to viewers. The same is also true for a t-shirt. In your personalized T-shirts, don't use too many texts, images, colors, or content. Your personalized t-shirt layout will be a complete disaster if you do so.

    Only important information should be included in your layout. Maintain your visuals minimally and choose your colors wisely. Allow visitors to look at your shirt without scratching their heads. The goal should be to express your message most straightforwardly feasible.

    Borders, Masks, Edges
    You should polish the edges of your t-shirt before submitting it to be printed. Adobe Photoshop is one example of an excellent program to use. There should be no slightly blurry borders in your layout. The images will be terrible if the pixelated edges are avoided. You may also utilize the "mask" function, which gives you a range of forms to pick from.

    Hopefully, this list has given you a better understanding of the frequent blunders to prevent and customize shirts more effectively. Personalized tees are the most effective approach to gaining attention nowadays. So, unleash your personality and creativity since a tool like a t-shirt design tool can assist you along the way.

    Website: https://rarecustom.com/

    Addreass: 2nd floor, Golden West Building, No. 2 Le Van Thiem, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi , Viet Nam

    Email: contact@rarecustom.com

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