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5/4/58 (Tuổi: 66)

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    Sinh nhật:
    5/4/58 (Tuổi: 66)
    You do not know how to withdraw at the PrimeXBT platform. This article will support you in approaching it quickly and effectively.

    It is crucial to bear in mind that when PrimeXBT provides a host of property classes, and cryptocurrency pairs to exchange in such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Indices; the platform might not assist the withdrawal in the FIAT currencies of different cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin.

    Figure 1. Trading interface at PrimeXBT
    That efficiently makes PrimeXBT trade the crypto-to-crypto platform thereby asking a lot of traders to get a better and safe bitcoin wallet so as to withdraw their profits. You might even take advantage of the API linking the PrimeXBT platform to the Changelly site to withdraw the funds in Bitcoin and then transform it into whatever currency you need.

    The withdrawal fees of PrimeXBT
    The following fee to take into consideration during making your final option of your exchange to trade on is the withdrawal fee. In the other words, that is often a fixed PrimeXBT fee , but changes from a single trade to the other.

    The average withdrawal fee with the Bitcoin trading exchange branch is approximately 0.000812 BTC when you withdraw Bitcoin. However, Primexbt cryptocurrency trading has taken it a basic step further by slashing that fee by nearly 45% of its clients. By doing that, customers might particularly pay around 0.0005 BTC when they withdraw their Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

    Primary steps for you to withdraw at PrimeXBT


    Figure 2. You can withdraw Bitcoin easily

    Hints for withdrawing Crypto
    You might withdraw the digital properties to external wallets, or platforms through their address. Next, you might copy the address from the platform, and then paste it into the withdrawal address field on AscendEX to finish the withdrawal.

    - You need to visit the PrimeXBT link, and sign in to your account.

    - Move to the “Main” site of your account, and hit “Dashboard”.
    - Hit on “Withdraw” for the currency which you need to withdraw.

    - The pop-up menu might debut below

    - First of all, you have to choose “Your withdrawal address” (or insert a new address)

    - Type the “amount of BTC” you need to withdraw

    - Hit on “Submit to withdraw”

    - Finally, you open the email inbox and “confirm the withdrawal”

    Warning: If you are not capable of looking for the confirmation email; ensure to check all email folders like Spam/Notifications/Updates.


    Figure 3. Crypto Withdrawal fees on Binance

    Hints for canceling a withdrawal
    In this section, you will learn more about the withdrawal’s cancellation.

    - Initially, you pay a visit to the PrimeXBT page, and sign in to the PrimeXBT account.

    - Secondly, navigate to the “Main” site of your account, and hit “Dashboard”.

    - Hit on “The corresponding wallet”

    - Below the “Transfer history”, you have to hit on “X” for the withdrawal which you expect to cancel.

    Some fundamental queries of PrimeXBT withdrawal

    - Could I withdraw money from my bank account?

    The answer is No. It is not feasible at this time. However, you might use third-party services which can make you transform Crypto into various currencies, such as Fiat, which could be transferred to your bank.

    - How could I check the circumstances of withdrawal?

    You might follow the circumstance of the withdrawal on the Reports site, below the “Transfer History”. The pending withdrawal might be canceled at a particular time before 11:00 UTC.

    - How fast is the withdrawal processed?

    The pending withdrawals are tackled once a day, from 12:00 to 14:00. In the other words, the withdrawal requested before 12:00 UTC might be dealt with on a similar day. The withdrawal requested after 12:00 UTC can be completed on the following day, compared to PrimeXbt trading fees.

    - How could I insert the withdrawal address?

    The withdrawal address might be whitelisted by making a click of the “Withdraw” button for the property you expect to withdraw, in your Dashboard. Next, you have to enter the expected withdrawal address and confirm the address through the email verification link.

    - What is the highest and lowest amount of a withdrawal?

    There is no highest or lowest requested withdrawal amount. However, you need to be careful that it might be more than the withdrawal fee for the property you expect to withdraw.

    Final thoughts
    That’s all about the PrimeXBT withdrawal that you need to concentrate on at the moment. Last but not least, you can leave your response below this article to let us know how you’re feeling.

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